ConEvolHer officially kicked off 13th-14th April in Bergen!

The entire project group including the international participants Bruno Ernande (IFREMER) and Marc Mangel (UCSC) and a special guest Shaun Killen (University of Glasgow) gathered in Bergen for a two-day meeting to present current research and discuss ongoing and upcoming project plans.

 All participants contributed with talks on project-related topics, in particular on background information on the project, specific project tasks, Norwegian spring-spawning herring and fishing-induced evolution, but also density dependence and stock assessment. Additionally, PhD-students Gabriella Ljungström  and Tom Langbehn introduced their research plans. Both are part of the MARmaED project, a Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network under Horizon 2020, where Institute of Marine Research is a partner. Within a productive and stimulating atmosphere, the aggregated expertise was able to resolve previous challenges, outline the next steps, and devise ideas for future research.

List of talks by the participants:

  • Katja Enberg: Introduction to the project
  • Marion Claireaux 1) Bioenergetics-statistical modelling 2) Modelling effects of behaviour-selective fishing
  • Fabian Zimmermann: Density regulation and recruitment variability in North Atlantic stocks
  • Aril Slotte: Norwegian spring spawning herring - an overview of the stock and data available
  • Arild Folkvord: Strong herring year classes after 1904 - how have they affected growth of subsequent year classes?
  • Marc Mangel: Density dependence, the theory of harvesting, and the practice of stock assessment: A perspective on steepness and its implications
  • Mikko Heino: FiE overview and new challenges
  • Bruno Ernande: Estimation of energy allocation parameters and age and size at maturation using otolith back-calculated growth curves
  • Anders Opdal: A novel approach to disentangling demographic and genetic effects of harvesting
  • Christian Jørgensen: Fishing-induced evolution causes higher natural mortality
  • Shaun Killen: The role of physiology in fisheries-induced evolution

From right: Arild Folkvord (University of Bergen), Bruno Ernande (IFREMER, France), Marc Mangel (University of California Santa Cruz, USA), Shaun Killen (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Mikko Heino (UoB), Katja Enberg (Institute of Marine Research), Fabian Zimmermann (IMR), Gabriella Ljungström (UoB), Anders Opdal (UoB), Tom Langbehn (UoB), Marion Claureaux (IMR), Christian Jørgensen (UoB), Nikos Nikolioudakis (IMR), Aril Slotte (IMR).