Bergen was well represented in the ISBE-meeting, from the left: Adèle Mennerat (Bio/UiB), Marion Claireaux (ConEvolHer/ IMR), Sigrunn Eliassen (Bio/UiB), Gabriella Ljungström (Bio/UiB), and Tom Langbehn (Bio/UiB).

PhD-student Marion Claireaux participated in her first scientific conference

The University of Exeter hosted the 16th congress of the International Society for Behavioural Ecology in July. The event consisted in five days of presentations spanning the full spectrum of current research in behavioural ecology.

This was a great opportunity for the ConEvolHer PhD-student Marion Claireaux to present the results of the first part of her PhD project, and meet some of the greatest researchers in the field. She gave a talk about how fishing on a specific behaviour can change a behavioural trait within an exploited fish population and, by this way, indirectly impact other traits such as asymptotic size and mortality rate.

This was her first participation to a scientific conference and the first talk she gave as a PhD-student. She really enjoyed the experience, and is ready to renew it again at the PICES symposium in March 2017 where ConEvolHer is planning a good representation.